Board Members

President – Judy Sturgis
Vice President -Caroline Woodwyk
Secretary Vacant
Treasurer -Stella Cameron
Parliamentarian -Debbie Cummings
Chaplain – Brenda Marlowe
Historian -Rebekah Livingston Morris

Membership Dues must be paid in full to be considered for scholarships.  

Committee Members

Committees members include Advisory, Scholarships and Awards, Memberships, Projects, Nominating, Family Readiness, EANGUS, Retirees and Widows, Finance and Public Relations Parliamentarian

Auxiliary Membership – $10.00 Yearly
Auxiliary Lifetime membership – $75.00
EANGUS Auxiliary (must be a NGASC member) – Yearly – $9.00
EANGUS Lifetime – $10.00 + $9.00 for every year under the age of 60

To apply, fill out form below or
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